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Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

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Elena O.

I waited to submit a review to make sure the methods continued to work. At first I was hesitant to even get training for my dog because I didn't believe he could change. I saw immediate changes […]

Elena O. | Silver Spring, Maryland
Randy A.

We are pretty amazed at the results after our first lesson with Marsha Engel. Before this, our dogs were in charge of our house and we struggled to get them to behave. From constant barking in and […]

Randy A. | Linthicum Heights, Maryland
Amanda R.

It's been two months since my first lesson with Marsha Engel of Bark Busters and I couldn't be more pleased. My dog showed alot of improvement right away, but I was skeptical that the changes […]

Amanda R. | Silver Spring, Maryland
Kelly L.

I was skeptical that my pit bulls behavior could change. He rushed people and dogs on the street, growled, barked in my apartment and jumped on people. He has not done any of this since my first […]

Kelly L. | Washington DC, District of Columbia
Rachel R.

Everything is very promising!

Marsha is great and the methods are effective!


Rachel R. | Laurel, Maryland
Debbie C.

My two dogs, who are sister, would get into fights resulting in ER visits and we had reached the point were we thought we would have to rehome one if not both of them, as the fights scared us. […]

Debbie C. | Burtonsville, Maryland
Remy P.

Very impressed! My wife and I hired Marsha Engel 3 years ago when we got our puppy. He had several bad habits which were quickly resolved. We moved recently and he had to get used to a new […]

Remy P. | Columbia, Maryland
Roy W.

I was not enjoying my rescue dog due to his barking, lunging, toileting in the house and destruction. Marsha Engel explained he had separation anxiety and gave me instructions on how to alleviate […]

Roy W. | Silver Spring, Maryland
Michael H.

Couldn't believe the changes I saw in my dog on the first lesson! Cassie would bark incessantly at visitors and noises, jump on guests, and pull me on walks. She's now a different dog!


Michael H. | Columbia, Maryland
Ben C.

I was considering rehoming my dog due to his barking, jumping, lunging and accidents in the house. After the first lesson he was a completely different dog who looked to me for direction and […]

Ben C. | Catonsville, Maryland
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