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Marsha was AMAZING! I have two very spoiled Lhasa Apsos who literally ran our home! Marsha taught us that we need to become the leaders of the pack!! They went from sleeping on our beds to being happy to go to their crates which we kept in our bedroom! And, being able to open the front door without them rushing out to greet our guests or to continue barking once they came in was a real accomplishment!! Marsha was always courteous and patient and I feel like I have a friend forever! Bark Busters is the way to go and Marsha is the person you need to train your doggies!!
Jackie, Columbia 8th April 2011

I love her!! I wish we would have done this a LONG time ago. My Jack Russell was a pain. She barked a lot, was aggressive towards dogs and people. Walking her was a pain. We would never have people over because she was a pain. We just finished one session and I AM IN SHOCK IT WORKED! She was walking behind us; she didn't try and attack Marsha's dog; she didn't run out the door in front of us when it was time for a walk. and she didn't bark at Marsha when she left. Marsha was AWESOME to work with and SUPER FRIENDLY. She explained the entire process and was extremely patient. I am SOOOO GLAD we did this, the best money you'll ever spend!
Maria, Ellicott City 1st March 2008

Totally amazing! Marsha explained the techniques clearly to us and we saw results the first day! Our Doberman ignored previous training attempts, but this got her attention right away! And it's nice to know that Marsha will come back and work with us if we relapse.
Harry and Barbara P., Damascus 5th November 2007

Marsha Engel has been fantastic to work with! Amazing stuff.....turns out that I (pet owner) not the dogs, needed most of the training!
Pam Jarrett, Hanover 25th June 2007

I'm so impressed with the obvious instantaneous results!
Liz Moreno, Laurel 25th June 2007

I had an unruly English Bulldog named Winston. He had a very sweet personality, but drug me all over the neighborhood, and was aggressive towards other dogs. Marsha came out and taught me everything I know to be the leader, and I saw an immediate improvement in Winston! It has been two weeks, and he is doing wonderfully. I can't thank Marsha and Bark Busters enough!
Megan, Pasadena, MD 2nd February 2007

It worked!
Kim Carnes, Gaithersburg, MD 26th January 2007

The results were instant! Thanks, Marsha!
Monte Cross, Glen Burnie, MD 26th January 2007

Bark Busters is a simple approach with immediate results. Marsha encouraged questions. She wanted to know that we clearly understood the technique.
Sue Dietrich, Clarksville, MD 26th January 2007

No more pulling on the leash! I felt a connection with Marsha from the get go, and was very happy with the immediate results. We laughed and had fun for 2½ hours!
Jessica Flax, Jessup, MD 26th January 2007

This was a very effective training session! I like that we can call Marsha anytime. I like Marsha very much!
Mark and Suzy Kostelnik, Columbia, MD 26th January 2007

Marsha was very pleasant and understandable. My Great Dane seemed to be the untrainable animal. In about ten minutes, he was a completely different and better dog. Bark Busters is the best way to train ever! It's amazing what can be done in a few short hours. He is a wonderful dog now, and is finally an enjoyable member of the family. Now I have the best trained dog ever! Thank you, Marsha!
Elizabeth Parker, Ellicott City, MD 26th January 2007

Marsha was patient with all our questions and sidebars. The results were amazing! Marsha has a great sense of humor that made it fun and made us more comfortable.
Beth Spangler, Gaithersburg, MD 26th January 2007

Marsha brilliantly explained the techniques. The training was enjoyable but tiring! Marsha was BAH-rrrifficck!
Geoff and Amy Spender, Montgomery Village, MD 26th January 2007

Marsha was great! I need the training more than my dog! At least that's what my husband tells me!
Debbie Stegner, Ellicott City, MD 26th January 2007

WOW!! Harri was a completely different dog within the first hour of Marsha's visit! He even remembered what he learned the next day! It really works! We can now enjoy being in the same house as the dog and he know's who's in charge (not him)! Thanks, Marsha!
Geri G., Odenton, MD 16th January 2007

I can't believe that Cody can walk on a leash! We established our leadership and made SO MUCH improvement in less than 3 hours! I absolutely recommend training with Marsha!
Sara and John McDonnell, Edgewater, MD 21st July 2006

VERY effective training! Marsha was very personable, friendly and knowledgeable. We saw results immediately!
Annalisa C-M., -M. - Gambrills, MD 21st July 2006

I was impressed by how quickly Penny responded to the use of the correction and began to understand what we wanted. We were able to stop her unwanted barking on the second try!
Sari C., Clarksville, MD 21st July 2006

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