The Difference Between

Dog Behavior Modification & Dog Obedience Training

Jumping up, pulling on the lead, biting, mouthing, nipping, inappropriate toileting, aggression towards dogs, food aggression, aggression towards family members, pack aggression, stranger aggression, fear aggression, inattentiveness (dogs that won’t listen), poor recall (dogs that won’t come back when called), destructive behaviors, chasing cats, horses and livestock, over exuberance, nuisance barking, crying, yelping, howling, separation anxiety, digging, escaping, chewing, hyperactivity, item obsession, phobias or general disobedience.

Whatever your dog training requirements are, rest assured that our Bark Busters dog trainers can deal with any problem. Any dog, any age, whatever the issue, do not despair – Bark Busters can help!


Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in-home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur because it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. Bark Busters can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

Meredith K.

I HIGHLY recommend Marsha! We learned so much, even from the moment she first stepped in our house. Our dog (a chocolate lab) has been responding to the techniques she taught us right off the bat, […]

Meredith K. | Olney, Montgomery
Lauren R.

My roommates told me my dog barked the entire time I was away and wanted me to move out. Instead, I got help. Mike's separation anxiety wasn't what I thought, I thought it was a sign of love by […]

Lauren R. | Rockville, Montgomery
Ali L.

Totally surprised that behaviors my dog had been doing for years could be stopped in one lesson! […]

Ali L. | Laurel
Ronald L.

I booked with Marsha after reading all the good reviews. It took two lessons for me to see my dog more compliant and calm, but given how she was to begin with, that's amazing! […]

Ronald L. | Rockville, Montgomery
Grant M.

My dog lunged and barked and acted aggressive on leash and at our windows when people walked by. I stopped walking him much as it was not pleasant. ON THE VERY FIRST LESSON we were able to walk by […]

Grant M. | Silver Spring, Montgomery
SaraBeth D.

I just adopted a 5 year old pitbull/amstaff/plott hound/who-knows mix from HCAC and wanted to start this relationship off on the right foot. I left a voicemail for Marsha and she returned my call […]

SaraBeth D. | Columbia, Howard
Margot L.

My dog had become aggressive on leash and began biting me when I needed to take something from her she'd picked up off the ground. I worried it would continue to get worse. She has stopped after […]

Margot L. | Germantown, Montgomery
Randy K.

Amazing results in the first lesson! I thought it would take weeks to change my dog's bad behaviors of pulling , barking, destruction when I was away, and not listening to commands. In the first […]

Randy K. | Laurel, Howard
Tammy R.

I had researched different trainers and actually hired two before asking Marsha to help. The other two were okay at obedience training but I needed to see my dog's behavior change for the better. It […]

Tammy R. | Rockville, Montgomery
John W.

My GSD had many issues which I overlooked until he attempted to bite my grandchild. Marsha Engel showed me techniques to deal with his behavior which will calm him and prevent him from taking charge […]

John W. | Rockville, Montgomery
Jenn M.

Simply amazing. I told Marsha that I didn't think anything could help my lab with her bad behaviors. She jumped all over people, didn't listen, and chewed up my things. One lesson with Marsha and […]

Jenn M. | Silver Spring, Montgomery
Melanie K.

We have 2, two year old Chiweenies that we adopted a little over a month ago. They bark at all sorts of things, including the broom, steam cleaner, vaccum, hair dryer, anything moving in the yard or […]

Melanie K. | West Friendship, Howard
Debbie N.

Had our initial 2 1/2 hour session. Learned basic strategies to help retrain our 8 year old Westie (and us). So far, so good. The real test will be when our son’s new puppy returns to visit at […]

Debbie N. | Glenwood, Howard
Carla W.

I saw immediate positive changes in my shepherd mix.....things that I didn't believe would ever change did. I contacted Marsha alot over the days following the first lesson and she was very […]

Carla W. | Columbia, Howard
Larry B.

Amazing how quickly these methods work! Marsha taught us well and was very entertaining too! […]

Larry B. | Potomac, Montgomery
Jennifer B.

I felt I had no choice but to return my dog to the rescue. A friend suggested I contact Marsha Engel for training, and she assured me success. THE VERY FIRST LESSON I SAW A HUGE IMPROVEMENT! Little […]

Jennifer B. | Silver Spring, Montgomery
Angela R.

My dog was being aggressive towards other dogs in my apartment complex and I had been given an eviction notice. It was rescinded after my first lesson with Marsha Engel and the manager hired her for […]

Angela R. | Annapolis Junction, Howard
Christine A.

Marsha is the dog whisperer! Now I hope to be with what she taught me. In a few minutes of doing the "programming" with the dog, my Chloe responded by focusing and behaving. No more barking, […]

Christine A. | Catonsville, Baltimore
May L.

I put myself in a bad situation by getting two littermates at once. One puppy is overwhelming, two is just crazy. Though I've always had dogs, I was not elderly then! Marsha Engel made it easy for […]

May L. | Potomac, Montgomery
Randy M.

I first worked with Marsha Engel two years ago when I first got my rescue dog. He was aggressive and didn't listen to a thing I said. I learned to communicate differently with him and he understood! […]

Randy M. | Potomac, Montgomery
Amy R.

I had read Marsha's reviews and was hopeful but skeptical. How can behavior that has been occurring for years change? Well, my dog's did. In minutes. I now need to continue the exercises that […]

Amy R. | Potomac, Montgomery
Sandra W.

I had 4 trainers and 2 behaviorists before hiring Marsha, so I thought nothing could work but didn't want to give up my dog just yet.....I also thought I knew everything but Marsha Engel taught me how […]

Sandra W. | Columbia, Howard
Linda B.

Marsha had her hands full with our dog....or so I thought. Our lab was often acting crazy, very hyper, stealing items around the house and jumping up and twirling on leash. On the first lesson he […]

Linda B. | Derwood, Montgomery
Linda B.

Marsha conducted an informative session. I felt I knew what had to be done and that I was capable of doing it. I also felt that she was open to any additional questions or help I might need in the […]

Linda B. | Derwood, Montgomery
Courtney F.

I couldn’t believe what Marsha was teaching my husband and I about our dog ! We have big grown up with dogs but have never had a dog that was hyper and had horrible anxiety ! She works magic . […]

Courtney F. | Baltimore
Susan W.

I was thinking of giving my dog away or taking back to the shelter but gave it one last try. In the first lesson I can see that she can be the dog I'd hoped for! […]

Susan W. | Rockville
Frances H.

I was not enjoying my dog and needed help! It took me awhile to realize I could not rely on my prior knowledge, or internet research to change her behavior. Marsha explained to me how to communicate […]

Frances H. | Columbia
Charles H.

I was tempted to leave a review right after the first lesson but waited to see if the results were permanent. They were if I implemented the methods! After about two weeks I stopped doing the […]

Charles H. | Laurel
Elena O.

I waited to submit a review to make sure the methods continued to work. At first I was hesitant to even get training for my dog because I didn't believe he could change. I saw immediate changes […]

Elena O. | Silver Spring
Randy A.

We are pretty amazed at the results after our first lesson with Marsha Engel. Before this, our dogs were in charge of our house and we struggled to get them to behave. From constant barking in and out […]

Randy A. | Linthicum Heights
Amanda R.

It's been two months since my first lesson with Marsha Engel of Bark Busters and I couldn't be more pleased. My dog showed alot of improvement right away, but I was skeptical that the changes were […]

Amanda R. | Silver Spring
Kelly L.

I was skeptical that my pit bulls behavior could change. He rushed people and dogs on the street, growled, barked in my apartment and jumped on people. He has not done any of this since my first […]

Kelly L. | Washington DC
Rachel R.

Everything is very promising! Marsha is great and the methods are effective! […]

Rachel R. | Laurel
Debbie C.

My two dogs, who are sister, would get into fights resulting in ER visits and we had reached the point were we thought we would have to rehome one if not both of them, as the fights scared us. After […]

Debbie C. | Burtonsville
Remy P.

Very impressed! My wife and I hired Marsha Engel 3 years ago when we got our puppy. He had several bad habits which were quickly resolved. We moved recently and he had to get used to a new […]

Remy P. | Columbia
Roy W.

I was not enjoying my rescue dog due to his barking, lunging, toileting in the house and destruction. Marsha Engel explained he had separation anxiety and gave me instructions on how to alleviate his […]

Roy W. | Silver Spring
Michael H.

Couldn't believe the changes I saw in my dog on the first lesson! Cassie would bark incessantly at visitors and noises, jump on guests, and pull me on walks. She's now a different dog! […]

Michael H. | Columbia
Ben C.

I was considering rehoming my dog due to his barking, jumping, lunging and accidents in the house. After the first lesson he was a completely different dog who looked to me for direction and followed […]

Ben C. | Catonsville
Dan M.

I rescued my pit bull terrier from the shelter and quickly figured out why he'd be given up. He would growl, snap, lunge and bark at people and dogs, making him unmanageable on walks. People would […]

Dan M. | Silver Spring
Robert B.

My rottweiler was becoming more and more aggressive to people coming to my home and while on walks. I want to be able to take him to events and dog parks but was unable to. Marsha Engel showed my […]

Robert B. | Silver Spring
Colleen D.

I've had my rescue dog for two years and am committed to keeping him, but lost my housing due to his behaviors of barking and chewing. I contacted Marsha and she showed me why he was destructive and […]

Colleen D. | Columbia
Sandy C.

I had read the reviews and was skeptical that my dog could change. AMAZING! I saw incredible change in my dog's bad behaviors in less than two hours! […]

Sandy C. | Silver Spring
Eric K.

My dog had bitten a visitor and a neighbor and I was considering giving him away or euthanized. After the first lesson I could see him relax and guard I can keep him and trust his […]

Eric K. | Laurel
Sandy R.

I am totally amazed by the changes in my dog after just a few exercises! My dog was aggressive on leash and lunged at children and elderly people. Now he ignores them! […]

Sandy R. | Columbia
Alan A.

After describing BarkBusters' methods for dog training in some detail, Marsha Engel guided Milo and me through some on-street training, focusing on Milo's tendency to pull on his lead. The results […]

Alan A. | Washington
Jennifer D.

Awesome! My rescue pit bull did not like my roommates and was biting them when they tried to walk her. Marsha came out and worked with us on communication and leadership and I could see my dog's […]

Jennifer D. | Columbia
Tony M.

My dog was aggressive to other dogs and would lunge and snarl on walks when we passed other dogs. He is now attentive to me and doesn't notice or react to other dogs, or cars or bikes! Our walks are […]

Tony M. | Ellicott City
Donna W.

Marsha was incredible. I didn't think my bichon could be cured of his jumping and barking and toileting in the house. After explaining the methods to me we did an intervention and I could see the […]

Donna W. | Silver Spring
Charlene D.

Amazing results in the very first lesson! Wish I'd hired Marsha Engel before! […]

Charlene D. | Silver Spring
Roger J.

My german shepherd was aggressive to visitors in my home as well as towards people and dogs on walks. ON THE VERY FIRST LESSON Marsha Engel showed me and my wife what to do and how to change the way […]

Roger J. | Elkridge
Tory W.

I wish I'd contacted Marsha Engel years ago! I put up with my bad dog's behavior for years not thinking it could change. No more pulling on leash, constant barking or stealing my clothes! […]

Tory W. | Ellicott City
David L.

I was wary that my dog could change her bad habits of toileting in the house, chasing my cat, lunging at people when on walks and stealing off counters. Marsha Engel showed my the natural methods of […]

David L. | Jessup
Barbara W.

I am stunned and amazed at the quick results I saw in my dog the very first lesson! I am dedicated to continuing the progress so I can enjoy my dog! […]

Barbara W. | Silver Spring
Troy R.

My female shepherd would mouth family members and leave marks. I was concerned she would hurt someone at some point. On the first lesson with Marsha Engel she stopped jumping and mouthing, along […]

Troy R. | Columbia
Bonnie R.

I was considering rehoming Maggie due to her bad behavior. She destroyed things when I was not home, toileted in the house and pulled on lead. I can already see changes after my first lesson with […]

Bonnie R. | Silver Spring
Tiffany G.

Everything was laid out in front of me in a booklet and I was able to comprehend very easily what was expected of me and my dog. I got a better understanding of why my dog does what he does and what I […]

Tiffany G. | Laurel
Carver P.

Marsha's training had a strong impact IMMEDIATELY with our dogs! The techniques that she shared with our family have really helped, and when we follow them... really stick. Her tune up sessions are […]

Carver P. | Ellicott City
Chris E.

My 7 month old labrador was out of control! I saw changes after Marsha's first visit and intend on continuing with the natural methods she taught me. […]

Chris E. | Columbia
Julie R.

My bichon was not housetrained and chewed my glasses, cellphone and shoes. Rather than rehome her, I looked into training and knew that it needed to be in my home, as group classes would not address […]

Julie R. | Fulton
Garrett P.

A coworker could not keep Maggie anymore and I offerred her a new home. She came with the Bark Buster guarantee so I contacted Marsha to come train me as to the methods. So glad I did! Problems […]

Garrett P. | Silver Spring
Pat H.

My family was skeptical that behavioral therapy would work but wanted to try before medicating our dog. Gabby had bad separation anxiety and would break out of her crate and destroy furniture and […]

Pat H. | Ellicott City
Valerie B.

My labrador was very unruly and didn't listen to commands. After one lesson he was calmer and more attentive! […]

Valerie B. | Oxon Hill
Arnold B.

We moved to the city last fall and our dog did not adapt well to having neighbors and being walked on a leash. She lunged at people passing by and barked excessively when we left the apartment. All […]

Arnold B. | Washington DC
Donald S.

My 9 year old cockapoo was never really housebroken and I found myself in need of in home care, so this embarassed me. Since the first lesson she has only had one accident and that was because I […]

Donald S. | Silver Spring
Kimberly M.

Marsha has been wonderful... We have three kids that are eight, five, and two. Our puppy is now nine months old, forty-six plus pounds, and super energetic. Prior to our first training session our […]

Kimberly M. | Highland
David R.

Marsha went over with us how to demonstrate leadership with our 2 dogs. It has helped us reduce one of the dogs barking almost immediately. Although we have more work to do with our dogs, we feel […]

David R. | columbia
Mark G.

I really wish I had called Marsha years ago. My German Shepherd had real problems with barking at and jumping all over visitors and dragging me around on leash. The day after her training, she was […]

Mark G. | Washington
Marc C.

Marsha provided excellent advice and guidance to ensure that we set our puppy, Suri, off on the right track. We also feel reassured that Marsha will be on hand to address any future issues that may […]

Ann N.

I was skeptical that anything could help my pit Donovan, who showed aggression towards other dogs and strangers on the street. I can already see a difference after the first lesson with Marsha Engel […]

Ann N. | Silver Spring
Cindy R.

I hired Marsha Engel to come out a week ago and my dog is already showing signs of getting over her separation anxiety. Leadership works! […]

Cindy R. | Columbia
Cyril B.

I was about to give up on my greyhound Apollo because he was destructive in my home and yard. Marsha Engel showed me leadership skills to end his separation anxiety and he is a different dog now. […]

Cyril B. | Silver Spring
Sue C.

Amazing! I was very skeptical that Marsha could help my dog quickly....Bella would bark while I was gone and neighbors were complaining. It was important that she stop or I would have to get rid of […]

Sue C. | Silver Spring
Tony R.

Nola was aggressive towards neighborhood children and growled at my own daughter. My wife wanted me to get rid of her, but I decided to try behavioral therapy instead. So glad I did! She is now […]

Tony R. | Silver Spring
George W.

I am so glad I hired Bark Busters! I had taken Bella to training at 3 other places but was only taught how to give commands, nothing addressed her bad behavior at home. I wish I'd started out with […]

George W. | Brookeville
Mark B.

Marsha provided good techniques to manage our dogs aggression. […]

Mark B. | Ellicott City
Barbara G.

My dog was so bad my husband wanted to rehome him...I couldn't stand the thought so I made an appointment for Marsha Engel to come help. After the first lesson Max quit barking, jumping and pulling […]

Barbara G. | Silver Spring
Julie W.

My dog barked at anything going by my house, freaked out on leash when she saw another dog, and didn't listen to my commands, though she knew them. Marsha Engel from Bark Busters came out and by the […]

Julie W. | Ellicott City
Elliot G.

Marsha Engel came out 7 weeks ago to help me with my Cane Corso who had bitten a child in my neighborhood. I didn't think I could ever trust him again and considered surrendering him, but I knew he'd […]

Elliot G. | Silver Spring
Gregg B.

Charlie, a border collie mix, was a rescue. He was about one when I got him. He didn't know what a leash was for and had a number of issues. Some I was able to work out. But pulling on the walk has […]

Gregg B. | Ellicott city
Stephanie A.

I recommend Marsha to anyone who wants a better behaved dog! She's super warm and friendly, and had my dog under control from the moment Marsha first growled (yes, growled!) at her! [Not only that, […]

Stephanie A. | Columbia
Sharon M.

Marsha was awesome! She was very professional and super knowledgable about dog behavior. My one year old (rescued) hound mix was giving me such issues (biting, jumping etc). Marsha gave us great […]

Sharon M. | Columbia
Sarah S.

My son was given a puppy as a gift when my daughter was two weeks old. With that said my puppy got away with a lot of things and soon we started to not enjoy being around her. We couldn't walk her […]

Sarah S. | Laurel
Gittel F.

After our first session with Marsha, I was able to control her barking and had the first peaceful day since I adopted Luna on 7/9/16. We also had our first walk without pulling. We even had a peaceful […]

Gittel F. | Columbia
May C.

Marsha Engel is amazing! She is very personable and friendly. She is great at explaining the concept behind the techniques and demonstrating them. My 13 year old son and I learned a lot about our dogs […]

May C. | Greenbelt
Sandra R.

I was having guest for the holiday and concerned about my Staffordshire Terrier's aggression. Marsha Engel made it out before the holiday and taught my family some simple techniques to control his […]

Sandra R. | Clarksville
tory s.

Marsha was an absolute wonderful trainer! She helped my dog so much and even gave me pointers to carry on to the future for my pups! Thanks so much! […]

tory s. | ellicott city
Robin B.

Marsha is amazing! I am blown away by her knowledge, her patience, her ability to teach us in a clear, professional manner, and by how much progress we made on the first day! She kindly and clearly […]

Robin B. | Glenwood
Dottie C.

I was going to euthanize my dog because she had bitten a friend visiting my house. Marsha Engel came out and showed me how to get control back and by the second visit I trusted my dog again around […]

Dottie C. | Silver Spring
Elaine W.

I was concerned that nothing could be done to stop my dog's aggression towards other dogs, barking, hyperactivity and toileting in the house. Absolutely amazed at the progress already! No accidents […]

Elaine W. | Columbia
Helen H.

I was quite surprised to see how quickly Marsha Engel was able to change my dogs bad behaviors. Nice to know she'll be there to help me if I forget what to do!!! […]

Helen H. | Ellicott City
Catherine J.

My female dog was 2 yrs old and out of control. She still toileted in the house daily, I could not walk her, and she barked out the windows a lot. After the very first lesson she stopped jumping and […]

Catherine J. | Burtonsville
Courtney D.

Marsha was amazing! Literally five minutes into our first session, I was seeing immediate results in my dog. It was such a relief to have happy, content dogs! Her follow-up was wonderful too. […]

Courtney D. | Columbia
Spike D.

My wife and I could not be happier with our trainer, Marsha! We have two high energy dogs, one that is very nervous/anxious and one that is mischievous and stubborn. A tough case! But in just a few […]

Spike D. | Columbia
Rebecca S.

We just started the bark busters program with Marsha about a month ago and are pleased with our results so far. Marsha has been great to work with! She is very accessible, flexible and patient. Our […]

Rebecca S. | Howard county
Monica S.

Working with Bark Busters was amazing! We were blown away by how many things we were doing to contribute to our issues and learned so much about dog behavior in just one session. Within weeks the dogs […]

Monica S. | Baltimore
Pete Y.

It was truly amazing how Marsha was able to get Poocho to stop chasing cars, scratching doors, barking at strangers, and to sit quietly when commanded. I now have a smarter and more well behaved pet […]

Pete Y. | Torrington
Courtney K.

Our golden retriever puppy was unmanageable until we learned leadership techniques from Marsha Engel of Bark Busters. He is now toilet trained, walks much better on leash, and is not chewing up the […]

Courtney K. | Baltimore
Kimberly M.

My dogs had gotten in several bad fights resulting in needing medical attention. It took three weeks and two visits from Marsha Engel to feel safe having them together, but they are getting along […]

Kimberly M. | Towson
Alice D.

I am in awe of how effective this training system is....I thought I'd have to get rid of one of my dogs as they were fighting between them and with other dogs and it was getting increasingly worse. […]

Alice D. | Columbia
Tina W.

I was at wits end with my dog and his separation anxiety. He was 10 years old at the time and I knew if I couldn't help him then I would have to put him down. I believed nobody else would take on his […]

Tina W. | Halethorpe